It’s always really nice to be asked for interviews, I love plugging my business and try my hardest to get more people to my website and social media platforms, so when Kate, the creator of Cheltenham Maman got in touch, it was lovely to meet up with her and offload all my shit, which I think she liked as she only yawned once?!

As a working mum with a large 11 year age gap between babies like her, the subject was bound to come up and its something I felt that I could discuss with her. ร‚ย She listened as I drained her with my life story while our coffee went cold.

Thank you Kate for listening and understanding, it was so lovely to meet you, keep doing what you do.

I feel we all make our own path in life and with a lot of help from my friends and family, I’m loving life right now and have so much to be grateful for. An amazing family & home, and a husband who has turned my life around. Cheers Kev, you really are ‘simply the best’ !

To catch up on my meeting with Kate and to receive a 10% discount code for her readers follow the link.
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