The website has had a busy year and working from home is a real pleasure but the office started to overflow with my crap. Web orders are packed and shipped daily with now a bigger market to overseas customers buying  the WAR PAINT BAG which prompted shoppers to ‘add to cart’ with other products, so a stock shop was made.

Collections from the house for personalised artwork and Cheltenham customers picking up orders rather than posting, the house was becoming hard to keep tidy knowing when people were calling, I felt the time had come for customers not to be greeted by Lillie & Jess, not everyone needs to be dragged into my lounge to play twister, so the new ‘professional’ entrance was created. It was test run the other night with a booking to shop in the evening. All my doubts of doing this were blow away with 2 gorgeous ladies desperate to shop. With lovely comments and gifts purchased I now know this amazing space has done the job it was set out to do – back up my busy website & give customers a chance to view products. Its been totally worth it and I can’t wait to show it off.

With the help and design from our amazing builder ‘James’ he created the workspace I needed – and which i’ve fallen in love with. My office has become a pleasure to work in. With the use of old ladders & scaffolding boards he had more design vision and input than I actually did. Thank you James, you really are a man with a passion for fashion!!

Today’s photoshoot was amazing, Noel did what he does best and I love the end results, the photos are pretty lush.

The STOCKSHOP will be ready for evening bookings, discount parties & christmas shopping nights from next week. Please keep an eye on the website for ‘SHOP THE STOCK’ updates. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me –

To see what Noel’s been up too check out his site


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